Friday, January 6, 2017

The Business of Business

Drove up to Boston yesterday,
alone, just sitting and
adjusting the wheel
for 4 hours.

Kept the radio off; the rattling of
the car and the whoosh
of passing cars opening up
a space for not thinking.

Today training for a new
job. One must eat and
pay the rent.
Poems just pay the soul.

Big shiny building in
Kendall Square, Cambridge,
a city I used to know well
but no longer recognize.

They say we get a new set of
atoms every 7 years, 
essentially becoming entirely

So with cities, I suppose; 
whether it takes 7 or 20 years,
sooner or later they all become 
different places from the ones
we remember.

Squeezing this poem in
while my trainer makes
an important call. 
A business call,
of course. 

It’s all business all
the time. Business must go on,
eating into time faster than 
people or cities can replace
their atoms.

You need a strong soul to 
survive this business of
business, the gentle and not
so gentle art of getting
value out of...what, exactly?

But I think I’ll 
be alright if I 
keep up with the poems,
keeping the business of 
business out of my

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