Sunday, January 8, 2017

Leaks: Natural, Human & Mechanical

Raining in New York,
and I've got a bad cold to
welcome the New Year.
The bedroom radiator hisses
and suddenly breaks, 
leaking almost as much
as my nose. 

I run down to the Greek landlady
who lives downstairs.
She oohs and aahs, in
a Greek kind of way--
they invented tragedy, after
all--and tells me
she'll call someone
to fix it. 

An hour later
the heating guy
shows up with
a bevy of minions.
"I've got the whole team
for you," he says after complaining
about climbing three flights
of stairs.
"Only for you," he adds.
For emphasis, I presume.

He wheezes and huffs,
says he's about to have
a heart attack. 
In jest, I presume
and hope.

The minions stand around
my bedroom, ogling the dusty books
and posters, as the wheezer
bends down with creaking knees
and adjusts a valve
to stop the leak. 

Well shit, I think, 
why couldn't I have
done that myself?
And who, pray tell,
will fix my nose and stop
the rain?

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